SOLIConnect Quarterly Updates | Business Services

Business Services | First Quarter 2022

April 2022 – The SOLIC Business Services Sector Index (“SBSS Index”) declined by 8.2% during Q1 2022 compared to a 4.9% decline by the S&P 500, reflecting growing investor uncertainty about the impact of the war in Ukraine, record inflation and…

Business Services | Third Quarter 2021

November 2021 – After rising over 13% through Q2 2021, the SOLIC Business Services Sector Index (“SBSS Index”) was essentially flat during Q3 2021, increasing 0.7% in Q3 2021 compared to a 6.6% increase for the S&P 500. In particular, concern over the growing…

Business Services | First Quarter 2021

May 2021 – After nine months of uncertainty and unprecedented disruption related to COVID-19, investor demand for Business Services related investments surged in Q1 2021, as expectations of a rapid economic recovery from the vaccine roll-out fueled an outlook for…

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